proprietary glass lenses, high rendering, the only material capable of not being conditioned, in infinite application time, by: pollutants, UV rays, impact

level of resistance against impact IK 10

fully operational with ambient temperatures between -30°C and +65°C, from -40°C to +75°C with ESL Srl proprietary power supply units

level of waterproofing IP 66 to IP 68-10

in standard conditions (Ta +25°) warranty from 5 to 10 years on the useful life of the entire system, L70 (deteriorated lumen emitted by the system within 30%)

the COB light sources, the best quality available today with high chromatic rendering (CRI)
system efficiency between 150 and 190 lm/W (ratio between lumen actually emitted from the light and the input absorbed power from the power mains)

the ESL Srl proprietary power supply units simultaneously guarantee a long useful life (MTBF over 350,000 hours) and high resistance against radiated/conduction disturbance, against indoor/outdoor environmental agents (temperature, humidity, pollutants), against overvoltage caused by electrostatic discharges from the external surroundings (industrial type, lighting disturbance, etc.)

automatic tele-adjustment using a buoy on the ground and with local and remote command integrated in ”Smart City’’ and “Smart Industry”

mechanics and transmission materials of heat at high thermal conductivity which guarantee all the technical characteristics of efficiency and the useful life combined with minimum dimensions, weight, outlay and assembly costs.

designed and manufactured in Italy